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This agreement releases LHE and all its employees from all liability relating to any loss, injuries or damage to property and person that may occur during livery, hire period or use of facilities at Langham Hall Estate. By accepting this agreement, I agree to release LHE from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries or loss incurred.

I also acknowledge the risks involved in equine care, handling and riding. These include but are not limited to being kicked, bitten, stood on, falling off and falling over. I am participating voluntarily and all risks have been made clear to me. I do not have any health conditions or other conditions that will increase my likelihood of injury whilst engaging in this activity. If there is an exception to this, I have notified a member of staff of my condition and/or I fully accept the additional risk.

In accepting this Liability Release I forfeit all right to bring a claim against LHE and/or its employees for any reason. In return I will receive livery services and/or hire of the riding facilities. I will adhere to safety precautions and signage across the estate and as made available to me upon request and as explained to me verbally and/or in writing.

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Great hacking and the gallops are a fantastic surface, will definitely be back